The US helped prevent AIDS from being a death sentence in Africa. Now the epidemic is at a crossroads(McKenzie & Ghazi Balkiz, 2023)

Comment on 2022

Emerging from COVID 19 has been very challenging for all. During the time of lockdowns worldwide, our efforts to highlight the fight against HIV/AIDS were overshadowed by the fight against the pandemic. As the world is returning to more movement, we are renewing our effort to educate people about this disease which continues to ravage the world. We need to pay attention to the spread of all viruses. HIV/AIDS remains a reality even though we now have better medicines to fight the disease. One of our best weapons is education and we will continue to educate the public about the risks of this disease.

Comment on 2020

2020 has been a very challenging year for many people around the world. The COVID 19 pandemic has affected many and many people are dying. The pandemic is at the forefront of other diseases. We must remain aware of diseases such as AIDS which have not been eradicated and continue to affect millions. Thankfully, much is being done to help those affected. More still needs to be done, especially in making sure that information reaches remote parts of the world. At Waamu we believe in educating affected people about how to find treatment, the importance of  adhering to treatment. Spreading this message of hope reduces stress and promotes meaningful living. We are pleased to have done our best again this year and will continue to do so in this fight against HIV/AIDS. 

Comment on 2019

2019 is another year full of hope at Waamu. We are aware of global improvement being made on HIV treatment. Our effort continues to be in the area of educating those who have little access to information, and assisting materially whenever possible. Being informed encourages better decision making and can help increase survival rates. 

Comment on 2018

Waamu would like to wish all a happy and prosperous new year. As we start 2018, we continue to hope for better medication and more access to medication by the poorest people who are infected with HIV.

Comment on 2017

2017 was another year spent spreading information about HIV. Although there is no cure, many people living with HIV have more access to lifesaving medicine. Decisions to get tested and live with the disease are much easier to make when people are informed.

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