Welcome to Waamu-African Organization for HIV/AIDS. The organization was created in 2008 to help fight HIV/AIDS in Africa. Millions of people have died of HIV/AIDS and millions more are suffering worldwide. The catastrophe has particularly been enormous in Africa.
For this reason, we are here to contribute and alleviate the suffering.

Our core objectives

  1. Uphold human dignity by empowering
    people impacted by the disease to live better
    and productive lives.
  2. Improve the lives of people affected by
    this disease by providing the basic necessities.
  3. Assist people to overcome obstacles through
    sustainable projects that promote self-reliance.

Our Organization

Our organisation aims to deliver services without complication. We believe in a simple process fully operated by volunteers.

Africa has been devastated by HIV/AIDS and its effects are felt throughout the continent.

It is the magnitude of the loss of lives that motivated us to start the organisation.

Who We Are

The founding directors of the organisation are: Pius Mukose, Dr. Charles Waana and Felicitas Mukose.

Many people who are committed to making change have joined us. 

You too can join and volunteer. Send us an email.

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